Cardboard Stock Boxes Material

Cardboard Stock Boxes Material

For many decades, brands have relied on cardboard stock boxes for retail packaging, storage, and essential shipping needs. Lunar Packaging ensures the use of robust cardboard stocks, guaranteeing highly protective shipping boxes. We offer complete customization freedom in terms of shapes, styles, sizes, printing, and finishing for custom cardboard packaging. With advanced printing technology, you can imprint your favorite graphics and brand information. Our top-notch die-cutting and finishing options further enhance the appeal. Explore extra discounts on wholesale cardboard boxes, along with additional advantages and value-added services, all tailored to meet your requirements.

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Order Affordable and Visually Appealing Cardboard Stock Boxes with Creative Printing

Widely used for product packaging, storage, and transportation, our cardboard stock boxes are crafted from a thick sheet that easily folds into different shapes and sizes. From open-top cardboard boxes with lids to self-locking bases, we offer a range of conventional techniques. Choose from different types of cardboard based on your product requirements. Lunar Packaging stands out for meticulously crafting boxes with air columns, providing cushioning for exceptional durability.

Designed for shipping, storage, or personal use, custom cardboard stock boxes packaging not only safeguards items from shocks, bumps, and vibrations but also preserves their integrity.
These boxes are not just about packaging; they are crafted to protect and preserve the contents. The corrugated layers give our robust cardboard boxes the strength needed to hold heavy items. Besides being sturdy and reliable, they offer the convenience of easy stacking in warehouses without requiring extra storage space.

Affordable Excellence

Packaging is a necessity for retailers, and we understand that packaging costs can sometimes surpass the product’s value. Our commitment to affordability makes our small cardboard boxes an ideal choice for startups.

Exceptional Printing & Ink Options for Cardboard Packaging

At Lunar Packaging, our cardboard stock boxes stand out with creative designs and unique patterns. We offer artistic printing services, allowing clients to customize their packaging entirely. Print your brand’s logo, name, contact details, social media information, reference numbers, product details, personalized messages, and more. Our no-color limitation ensures a cohesive branded look.

Custom printed cardboard stock boxes are favored by ecommerce wholesalers and retailers, contributing to effective branding.

We specialize in Pantone, CMYK, and digital offset printing, using advanced tools, cutting-edge machines, and innovative software for vivid, rich, and smudge-free colors. Committed to eco-conscious choices, our ink collection includes water-based, fluorescent, and soy-based inks.

Choose the Sturdiest Cardboard Stock Boxes

Shipping products intact to customers or protecting items during retail display both contribute to a positive unboxing experience. Lunar Packaging offers top-quality and robust cardboard stock, preventing damage, breakage, or environmental wear and tear. To cater to your specific needs, we offer a variety of thicknesses and weights, ensuring unmatched quality while minimizing material costs and waste.

Flexibly Customized in Various Shapes, Sizes & Styles

Our printed cardboard boxes offer sought-after marketing benefits with customization options in shapes, laminations, styles, sizes, and colors. Crafted with your favorite graphics, finest die-cutting, and finishing options, our custom cardboard boxes guarantee impactful marketing to create an amazing first impression. Whether your product requires handles for convenience, a window for visibility, or a unique style for attention, Lunar Packaging offers endless possibilities in shapes and styles. Our experts can design your box in attractive mailer or auto-lock tuck styles.

Take Advantage of Our Add-Ons & Finishes

Enhance your packaging with subtle or bold variations. From sliders and dividers for compartmentalization to rope handles, ribbons, holographic accents, inserts, cushioning, and magnetic closures, we offer a range of add-ons to meet your exclusive packaging demands.

Custom Cardboard Packaging Fitting the Needs of Businesses of All Sizes!

What do you want your buyers to experience when interacting with your brand or opening their subscription package? Anticipation, joy, curiosity? Lunar Packaging understands how to engage consumers’ senses. Our rates for custom boxes are competitive, and our extra-large cardboard boxes are recyclable and sustainable. We help you choose a box that snugly fits around your item while ensuring appropriate void fill, minimizing damages during transport.

For those looking to purchase cardboard storage boxes in large quantities, special discounts are available for bulk orders. Our happy customers rely on us for quality, reliability, and top-notch customer service, making Lunar Packaging their trusted partner for all packaging needs.

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