Product Display Boxes

Product Display Boxes

Product display boxes serve as an excellent showcase for brands in retail environments, ideal for a diverse range of items such as lip balms, chocolates, vape pens, and more. Crafted from sturdy cardboard, these display boxes not only protect your products but also facilitate easy stacking.

Key Features:

Custom Cutout Inserts and Partitions for a tailored fit.
Sturdy Structure for optimal product protection.
Space-efficient design that accommodates a large product quantity.
Versatile use across a wide array of products.
Striking Custom Printing to capture attention.
Customizable in various styles, shapes, sizes, and materials.

Choose display boxes to make a bold statement about your products, ensuring they stand out on the shelves while maintaining durability and practicality.

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Tailored Impressions with Extensive Customizations

Elevate your brand by showcasing exclusive features and key elements through uniquely customized product display boxes. Explore a wide array of customization options that allow you to design a box from scratch, catering to various types like countertops, floor displays, power wings, and endcaps. Our custom product display boxes come in your desired sizes, complete with cutout inserts and partitions.

Artistic Marketing with Custom Printed Sample Display Boxes

Opt for our custom printed product sample display boxes to boost your marketing efforts. These boxes not only display your products but also feature beautifully printed artwork and brand details. Choose from a variety of laminations and finishes to add resilience and diversity to your designs.

Craftsmanship with Reliable Materials and Contemporary Technology

Lunar Packaging sources the finest materials and employs cutting-edge machinery to craft durable cardboard and kraft product display boxes for your products. These sturdy, unbendable structures securely stack and organize your products, absorbing shocks and pressure even when mishandled. The protective inserts ensure products stay in place, and the boxes resist wear and tear, remaining in top condition for an extended period.

Exceptional Services from Lunar Packaging

Design your dream product display boxes or jewelry display boxes with exclusive features at highly affordable rates with Lunar Packaging. Our designers create impeccable designs, adhering to your custom requirements. Enjoy quick and secure worldwide deliveries with the lowest MOQ, wholesale discounts, free design support, and free shipping to the USA and Canada.

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Production typically takes 10-12 business days, depending on order quantity. After confirmation, you’ll receive an estimated “in hands” date for your boxes.

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