Hang Tags

Hang Tags

Hang tags serve as more than just a way to display prices; they act as effective tools to engage customers physically with your product. Our expertise at Lunar Packaging lies in providing customizable hang tags with exclusive features tailored to your brand’s requirements. There are no constraints when it comes to sizes, materials, shapes, colors, or designs. Whether you aim to prominently showcase your logo or include website and social media links, our team is available 24/7 to assist you. Additionally, we offer the option to integrate scannable QR codes on hang tags, extending brand engagement beyond the point of purchase. Beyond clothing and accessories, hang tags can be versatile for various products and packaging. Examples include custom shirt tags, custom t-shirt tags, custom clothing hang tags, custom hang tags with strings, custom apparel hang tags, print tags, retail tags, and logo tags for clothing. The flexibility of custom tags makes them portable advertisements for your brand.

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Custom Hang Tags for a Personalized Touch

Explore our diverse range of custom hang tags at Lunar Packaging, designed for various products like clothes, bags, purses, shoes, and jewelry. These small labels not only display essential information such as price, size, and color but also add a personalized touch to your merchandise.

Secure Fastening and Custom Drill Hole Options

Our hang tags come in various sizes, paper stocks, and colors to meet your branding needs. Whether you prefer tied or hung tags, we ensure a secure fastening to your products. Choose from popular drill hole sizes or request a custom size, giving you the flexibility to match your unique preferences.

Versatile Shapes: Die-cut to Rectangular

From standard rectangular or square shapes to eye-catching die-cut designs, we offer a variety of shapes for your custom hang tags. Sizes range from 1″ x 3″ to 5″ x 7″, allowing for creativity and customization. Let your imagination run wild as we craft intricate designs, playful shapes, or elegant silhouettes perfectly aligned with your vision.

Perfect Sizes for Every Purpose

2” x 3.5”: Standard business card dimensions, ideal for convenient rectangular custom tags.
2” x 4”: Slightly longer size accommodating both horizontal and vertical tag designs for versatile presentation.
2.5” x 2.5”: Square-shaped tags providing additional space, perfect for minimalist designs.
If you require a size not listed, request a custom quote, and we’ll work to meet your exact specifications.

Material Variety for Custom Hang Tags

Choose from a wide range of materials with thicknesses from 9pt to 24pt. Kraft paper is available for eco-conscious customers, adding a rustic look to match sustainable products. For custom die-cut hang tags, 14pt and 16pt cardstock options are ideal, offering sturdiness, versatility, and excellent printability.

14 pt. Cardstock: Sturdy and professional, suitable for business cards and postcards, available with various finishes.
16 pt. Cardstock: Optimal for high-end brands or luxury products, perfect for large hang tags with extensive text and images.
Explore our card and paper stocks, and if you have specific preferences, request a custom stock for a personalized quote.

High-End Printing and Coating Options

At Lunar Packaging, we employ state-of-the-art printing techniques to effortlessly bring your graphics or desired designs to life on custom hang tags. Choose from Matte, Full UV, Spot UV, Silk, Inline Foil, and more, all on high-quality materials. Opt for printing on one or both sides, and for sustainability, eco-friendly inks like soy-based and water-based are available.

Premium Finishes for Added Elegance

Varnish: Protects the tag from moisture and wear.
Laminations: Thick protective layers for enhanced durability, available in glossy or matte options.
UV Coating: Adds a high-gloss finish to specific areas, enhancing design elements.

For elegant custom hang tags with all the required information, reach out to us.

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