Cookie Boxes

Cookie Boxes

People love cookies for their crunchiness and the delightful aroma they release when baked. To attract these customers, stylish and durable packaging is essential. Eye-catching cookie boxes enhance shelf appeal and help preserve the cookies’ fresh smell and taste for longer periods.

At Lunar Packaging, we offer unique bakery boxes for cookies printed with your logo. Available in a variety of colors, styles, shapes, and sizes, our boxes are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, making them an eco-friendly choice. Additionally, these durable boxes ensure your cookies can be shipped safely over any distance.

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Choose the Best Stock Paper for Durable and Grease-Resistant Cookie Boxes

For brands that care about both the environment and consumer preferences, plant-based materials are the way to go. At Lunar Packaging, we offer chemical-free, compostable plant-based materials that break down naturally without leaving harmful residues. Our options include:

Starch-based materials
Pulp-based materials

These alternatives are sustainable, versatile, and biodegradable. Bagasse, in particular, is sturdy and perfect for disposable packaging items. If you need packaging that offers durability, excellent protection, and keeps cookies fresh while being grease-resistant, consider these options:

Cardboard and Paperboard
Kraft Paper
Flexible Barrier Bags

These materials maintain freshness and provide a barrier against moisture and air. Our stock thickness ranges from 9pt to 24pt, allowing you to adjust the strength of the boxes according to your needs.

While not the most eco-friendly, we also offer clear boxes for cookies and plastic wrappers. These are inherently grease-resistant and can be used as an inner layer within a more rigid outer box.

Entice Customers with Stunning and Efficient Cookie Box Styles

Choosing materials that are easy to mold into various shapes is crucial for retaining the quality and flavor of cookies. At Lunar Packaging, our experts are skilled at creating practical and user-friendly cookie boxes in various eye-catching styles. These include:

Slide-out boxes
Foldable boxes
Cardboard Pillow boxes
Die-cut boxes
Fancy rigid boxes with satin ribbons
Drawer-style boxes
Printed pattern boxes with wire handles
Cardboard Gable boxes
Window boxes
Clear side boxes with caps and bows

We welcome custom requests! If you have specific preferences or ideas beyond the listed options, share them with us. Our dedicated team is ready to cater to your needs with enthusiasm and expertise.

Capture Potential Buyers at First Sight with High-End Printing & Exquisite Finishes

Printing techniques and color models are vital in the packaging industry, especially for cookie boxes where visual appeal attracts customers. At Lunar Packaging, we use advanced printing techniques for brand consistency and high-quality prints.

Printing Techniques:

For mass production, we use offset printing, which produces high-resolution images with sharp details and vibrant colors. For faster production and easy customization, digital printing is ideal, especially for smaller quantities, making it perfect for boutique cookie brands or seasonal packaging.

With these technologies, you can personalize boxes with individual names or create seasonal cookie boxes with intricate, colorful patterns.

Color Models:

Craft bespoke designs with refined color palettes that align with your brand. We use CMYK and PMS colors for full-color designs and color accuracy. Neutral tones with metallic inks for logos and accents make your cookie box packaging noticeable from a distance.

Protective Finishes:

Improve the aesthetics of your cookie boxes and protect the artwork from damage with our extensive range of finishes, resistant to fingerprints, smudges, scuffs, and scratches:

Gloss / Matte Lamination
UV Coating
Foil Stamping
Holographic Foiling
Spot Gloss UV
Embossing & Debossing

These coatings and laminations enhance the structural integrity and add a premium feel to your packaging.

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